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We are currently in negotiations with a new third party academic partner, and that, at present, all communications regarding certification should be directed to me (Bill King, ASTS executive director, 3425 Pippin Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22903, or

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The Association for Skilled and Technical Sciences (ASTS) has developed a High Quality CCTE certification program to meet the need for recognizing life-long achievements of educators in schools, colleges and institutions, including Industry trainers. This certificate is unlike most academic certificates in that it recognizes and rewards individuals for industry related experiences during their career path. These workshops, industry certificates, industry awards, teaching awards, and Trades Association recognitions and awards are not generally recognized by educational institutions. Specific skilled certifications such as AWS, ETA, HBI, NATEF, ADDA, NCCER, and other nationally recognized attainments are also generally not included by these institutions in their degrees.

A panel of experts from industry and education has been established to review each applicant's experiences to determine if they are able meet the requirements of an Initial, Associate, or Masters Certificate. Each candidate determines the level of certificate desired, based on their work history and educational level. The applicants have to submit a copy of all their achievements, rewards, certificates, CEU credits, and other data to be reviewed by the panel. The award is made after a majority of the panelists agree on the applicant's accomplishments in meeting the requirements of the certificate requested. Applications for the certificate and additional information about the three levels of recognition can be located by clicking on the Documents Tab on this website.