Classroom Resources


  • Ladder Anchor - PDF Format  (487kb)
  • The attached PDF above is the latest and greatest for anchoring extension ladders. Please review the information and feel free to contact this company if you wish to purchase any of these devices. The device has been tested up to 2000 pounds and is the best thing I have ever seen to stabilize a ladder. It is designed to stabilize a ladder in just about any configuration.Suggested by our URS friend Rick Callor.
  • TAPS Drafting Problems - Word Format  (788kb)
  • Drafting Files - Ziped Format  (2.04MB)
  • The attached drawings were all done with Softplan 2012 Pro software and exported into AutoCad Desktop software. These are class assignments for 9th and 10th grade Architectural Design Drafting students in a four year program of study at Shadow Ridge High School. The drawings are in a zipped file as .DWG documents.