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Founding Fathers of ASTS

The Association for Skilled and Technical Sciences was created through a merger of two organizations involved directly with Trade and Industry (T&I) training programs in the USA. One represented a National group of instructors and administration, as well as Teacher Educators (NATIE). The second represented primarily State administration personnel who supervised T&I programs throughout the USA and Territories (NASSTIE). However, because the two groups were directly involved with T&I programs of study, the membership of each included many who were members in both groups. Representatives from each organization were selected to develop a merger plan along with one representative from ACTE and SkillsUSA.

The Orlando Nine and their representative State and group were: Don Eshelby - Idaho - NATIE, Tony Glenn - Nebraska - NASSTIE, Robert Hess - Missouri - NASSTIE, Tim Lawrence - Exec. Director of SkillsUSA, Ken Maguire - Iowa - NASSTIE, Ed Melott-Vice President for T&I with ACTE, Dave Milliken - Pres. NASSTIE, Terry Robinson - Pres of NATIE & ATIE, Bob Sherman - Exec Director of NATIE.

Founders Opening Session
The Founders - The Orlando 9-- left to right-- Tim Lawrence, Terry Robinson, Ed Melott, Don Eshelby, Tony Glenn, Ken McGuire, Dave Milliken , Bob Sherman. Missing is Robert Ness whom this photo was taken by.
Robert Ness